Siren's Rocks

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We protrude from these waters

No amount of flotsam will deter the determined.

As minerals we have no opinion on the matter. Waves crash upon us, barnacles take root, and the watery tarts keep singing. Perhaps in millions of years we may erode away into sands to be scattered across the seas. It makes no difference, we exist beyond human conceptions of continuity. It is also possible that at some future point we will be reformed again into a solid mass. Again, we are indifferent on the subject.

Let the seas continue to roar. We remain stoic. There is nothing for us to vocalize. We only gently rumble when in congress with our equals. Whether you crash your ships or attempt to climb our peaks; The misplaced hubris of man and his accompanying false projections of conquest do not concern us. You can prove it to yourself or even others, but not to minerals. Our lack of benevolence is only incidental, not intentional. We have no opinions, desires, or sympathies. We transcend intention.

We will only be moved (reluctantly) by a geological disturbance. You can attempt to build a lighthouse, but we will not be bothered. Curse us, but minerals are an inescapable part of your existence. While our particular arangement may be troublesome for some, it suits us perfectly. What could be more natural?

Standing with two feet planted on the ground, you will not complain of or petition for solid footing. So why bother yourself with rocks in the sea? It smacks of hypocrisy. Fickle humanity is at ever at war with its own inconsistent biases. As minerals we can not sympathize or even listen.

Crush us, mill us, and bake us into concrete.
There we are as ever, under your feet.
Not my problem,
when you seek something to defeat.

The mineral has nothing to prove
Where man has only his own guts to loose

Fountains of blood a spoutin'
Hubris, arrogant self pronouncement

Here I am Tenzing Norgay
Annoucing with nothing to say
Where you live or die the mineral will have its way.

Tell fine Sir Edmund Hillary:
A pine fir has no need of blood spillary

Ask Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton:
Where did you carry so much equipment and tackle from?

The banality of metrics,
Makes them go back and check it.
It is 'unprecedented'
When the ice is less than expected

Whether you stay home
Or dash yourself on the rocks
The moods of minerals
Can not be measured by your clocks


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